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Shouguan (Changzhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


   Shouguan (Changzhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known professional manufacturer of coating, paint, chemical and other filling equipment in China.


   The company has a group of professional technical personnel,and equipped with advanced production equipment, the establishment of a sound quality system, and set up a product research and development center.


   The company's main products are the following categories:Paint filling machine;Tracking capping filling machine;Linear capping filling machine;Piston filling machine;Powder filling machine.


   The company's filling equipment line is suitable for water-based paint home Home decoration coating, waterproof and anticorrosive coating, Industrial paint, anticorrosive paint.

floor paint, internal and external wall paint, true stone paint,Resin, diluent, solid Chemical agent, varnish, Auto paint, putty, marble glue, AB glue, white latex,Shoe glue, all-purpose glue, spray glue, neoprene glue, Ink, electroplating solution, lubricating oil, pesticide, daily chemical and other liquids, powder Volume and granule.


   Company filling machine products can meet customers from semi-automatic, Automatic to intelligent, environmental protection type of new requirements, and can be composed.


   Automatic barrel loading, filtration, filling, capping, capping, labeling, coding, Stacking, winding and other whole assembly line.


    The company introduces foreign technology research.


    The self-cleaning filter has solved the problems in the field of filtration.



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Customer Ever Said

The quality is very good. There are instructions and installation videos provided at the factory. After the warranty period, we will reply and answer any questions in the first time. Very Nice! -- David Mike

First of all, I was attracted by the professionalism of the sales staff. Secondly, the price of the product was very low. Surprisingly, the quality of the product was really good. -- Sonam Toegay